Something unique in your childhood may influence your adulthood career. For us it was helping our parents and grandparents to pick ripe red and yellow cherries of coffee during school and college holidays. We did mischievously taste the fresh ripe cherry fruits’ pulp against health hazard warning by the parents and to add fun to it, we played hide and seek game in the coffee trees. Above all, the proceeds from fresh ripe coffee berries did guarantee our primary, secondary and college education fees and related costs. After college graduation, the first employers happened to be agriculturally related firms, especially the Farmers Cooperative Society factories (FCS), coffee millers, and related organisations like Coffee Board of Kenya, Kenya Farmers Association, etc.
Directors SAM and ANNE and big coffee market EXPORT dream, i.e., SAM-ANNE-EXPORT was born and later shortened as SANNEX Enterprises. Founders first names initials and their idea of reaching the market, Export. Therefore, Sannex Enterprises Ltd was founded in 1999 to deal with getting raw green coffee beans to the market, an uphill task with massive capital requirements. This was also to integrate also our estate agency business. To-date it has quite a number of residential and commercial premises it collects rent on behalf of the landlords. In 2010 the real estate agency unit cash flow helped established a coffee division. 
Sannex Coffee unit is one of Kenya’s licensed coffee dealer, exporters and roasters with a reputation for quality that is unsurpassed. The company customer’s base targets major coffee consumers in local urban centres, Europe, America and Asia. Our highland Arabica coffee beans key gradient of prestigious gourmet roasters all around the world are our key products. That is Grades AA, AB, C, E, HE, PB, SB, T, TT, UG, UG1, UG2, and UG3 of Arabica varieties. 
Our success hinges on rigorous working with farmers, their cooperative societies and millers on coffee bean quality improvement together with other stakeholders in the sector. As premium quality development is a technically on going process through research and development using customers’, suppliers’, processors’ and farmers’ feedbacks. We have the commitment to guarantee clients a steady supply, at any time of the year and a wide selection of the finest specialty Kenyan Arabica green coffee and at the most reasonable prices and therefore able to offer you consistence in quality. This chain cannot also be broken in value-added in contribution and participation in ways to improve the social, economic and environmental issues affecting people, coffee growers and dealers.